Welcome to Acme Appointments. Our reputation has been established over 70 years of recruitment. When you select Acme Appointments to help you find the right applicant, you can be confident you have made the right choice.


We guarantee that:

  • we will always seek to take the fullest job specification possible from you to ensure that we only shortlist candidates for you who match your expectations;
  • any candidate we submit for your consideration will have been interviewed in depth, face to face whenever possible, by one of our experienced consultants and fully tested where relevant. We are happy to provide copies of test results to confirm this. In the very rare cases when we have been unable to conduct a face to face interview at the time of submitting a CV we will always tell you up front.
  • when we send a CV to you we will have obtained each candidates specific permission to submit their details for the type of job involved, ideally having also spoken to them about your specific position.
  • we will select a limited number of candidates to shortlist for your consideration all of whom will be capable of selection by you - we don’t believe we are doing our job properly if you feel bombarded by CVs. Our quality control procedures include regular checks to ensure we are submitting the right number of candidates for each specific client and position.


We work in partnership with our clients, building our relationship over time, which is made easier by the long service record of our own staff, so that we are your first choice when recruiting and you feel confident that we will come up with the right solution. We will always deal with you honestly, which includes letting you know if we ever feel we cannot help with a particular vacancy so that you can consider other options without undue delay.

Because we take the time to do our job properly we feel confident any candidate you take on through us will be right for your business. But we don’t just pay lip service to this promise: we offer a full four week unconditional financial guarantee for permanent placements; so that in the unlikely event that a candidate we place with you doesn’t work out we will give you a full refund if they leave at any time in the first 4 weeks of employment.


To find out more about our services including our guarantee please call us on 020 3751 3000 or email info@acme-appointments.co.uk

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